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Our Professionals 
are committed practitioners who
will guide you to explore Yoga on and off ​the mat.
Sensitive, passionate and enthusiastic, our team is dedicated
to providing you with a memorable vacation that will leave you blissfully rejuvenated, elated, inspired and most probably wanting to return
​​for more.
Yoga is a way of living, moving, thinking and responding. With every step we invite you to get breathing into places you thought you were stuck. For those who want to delve deep we offer the opportunity to reach a greater depth of awareness in body and soul, breaking free of old patterns and taking new steps forward. Learn how to implement the practice as a useful tool for ​daily living. 
The Yoga sessions are designed to be informative and transformative. Our focus is integration of body and mind centred on improved flexibility, balance and strength to build and maintain a healthy body. ​Posture modifications are offered to those with less experience and for those who are more advanced, start where you are and work towards where 
​you ​want to be.
 Welcome to "Yoga Life" Retreats in Alicante's stunning Costa Blanca. 
We invite you to experience an authentic and transformative Yoga holiday that will leave you restored strengthened and renewed.
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Yoga teaches you to restore the natural  order within your body,  heart and mind, bringing deep peace where there is unrest, movement where there is stasis, clarity where there is confusion.

Yogalife Wellness Retreats in Spain

​​Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. 
It is not to be performed but to be lived. 
It does not care about what you have been but  about the person you are becoming.