Yogalife Wellness Retreats in Spain

​​The Yoga retreat, led by Nati Deprati is suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced students who wish to bring a greater depth to their practice. 

Our retreats are not about mastering the postures or achieving perfect balance. They are about using yoga to transform and connect with ourselves. 

The sessions, last for two hours, incorporating basic Pranayama techniques with a dynamic asana practice that is both accessible and challenging. By building endurance and flexibility we aim to ground the body by strengthening its foundation, and releasing blockages which hold us back. 

​We believe that by releasing stress and tending to body and soul, we open the door to our own  potential. Empowerment comes by a step by step progression that ensures finding one's edge whilst still maintaining  the body's alignment.

The repetitive sequence we follow, serves

as a base for "self practice" as well as a framework for "purification". The careful linking of breath and movement becomes a vehicle to harness the wandering mind, dissolve tensions and creates heat in the body to warm the blood preparing the body for internal cleansing. ​

The warmed blood passes through the muscles, nerves, internal organs and glands, removes the toxins and carries them out through the sweat, so that circulation may

flow feely. This is how the process of purification and healing begins eliminating impurities and thus disease from your body.